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Top 4 Reasons Why You Are Not Losing Weight.

April 30, 2019




I’m eating all the right foods; I’m exercising 5 times a week but I’m not losing weight…or I’m constantly craving sugar? I’ve tried every weight loss diet under the sun and I’m not getting anywhere? 


We hear you. This is a familiar story in clinic and one that resonates with so many people. How many of you have started a diet with all the right intentions and then after a few weeks go off the rails and quit?


Unfortunately, weight loss is complex business. If you have not already watched our weight loss masterclass you can watch it HERE. 


There are so many factors why you are finding it hard to shed the kilos and why you may have put on weight in the first place. We want things to be different for you. That is why we have put together some top tips on why you may be struggling to lose weight.  


Top 4 Reasons Why you can’t lose weight


Focus on getting the Macronutrients right. 

We know that a calorie is not just a calorie. 100 calories of Haribo’s is not going to have the same effect on your body as eating 100 calories of broccoli for example. It is about eating the right macronutrients (proteins, carbohydrates, fats) in the right proportions. A gram of protein or fat does not act in the same way in the body as a gram of carbohydrate does. Most of us we are not eating enough protein or healthy fats at each meal.


Get Realistic

Staying motivated when you’re trying to lose weight is one of the hardest things to achieve. How many of you have been on crazy diets that cut out whole food groups completely? How long have you lasted on them? Shiny object syndrome is real. We really crave what we can’t have. Therefore, to lose weight and keep it of you have to find a plan that works. What works. In our experience for most of us it is a plan that includes ALL food groups (hello carbs!) 


Take a closer look at your hormones.

There are many hormones that can affect your weight (see our blog post on hormones and weight loss HERE). One of the key players that can wreak havoc with our weight loss goals are our stress hormones. Overwhelmed, stressed, sleep deprived, being pulled in all directions releases our stress hormone cortisol. This hormone causes us to store more fat around our tummy, and can make us crave more carbs, sugar, junk food and alcohol. Keeping on top of your stress levels is crucial if you want to keep on top of your weight. Are you exercising like crazy? Just doing an hour of yoga or strength training may be more effective than high impact training sessions at the gym for some of us to keep that cortisol under check.


Be Accountable

If you’re determined to get your weight back on track this year, then do have a look at our online weight loss programme, which starts in May 2019. In this programme, we’ll be looking at all the factors above, to help you address the issues that you need to be able to lose weight. You’ll receive meal plans, recipes and most importantly access to expert guidance and advice to help you stay motivated and on track.  



You can find out more details on our bespoke online programme "Don't Weight for the New You" and sign up HERE.




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