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How to Stay 'Buff' after the Buffet. Our Holiday Survival Tips.

July 15, 2019


It is a familiar scenario we all face. We've eaten really well leading up to our holiday and maybe even shed a few kilos to get beach ready. As soon as we get to our chosen destination we come face to face with our biggest challenge, the hotel buffet. There is something about the hotel buffet that even the most ardent healthy eaters struggle with.Is it the choice, variety or enormity? Whatever it is its pretty hard to swerve. Face it. You're going to be eating more than usual.So, how do you stay on track during the holidays and still have a great time? 


Here are our tips on how you can have a fab holiday without packing on the pounds.


1. Keep Your Distance.

Ask for a table furthest away from the buffet. You are much more likely to go fewer times if you have further to walk.


2. Don’t skip meals. 

Start your day as you always do. Protein and fat help you cut your cravings for sugar and carbs. Go for an omelette or eggs on toast. One of the biggest pitfalls is to have an enormous breakfast thinking that you will skip lunch. You won't or if you do you will more often have a hand in a large bag of crisps and nuts to tide you over until dinner time.


3. Pick a smaller Plate.

Plate sizes have expanded significantly over the years. Wherever possible, choose the smaller salad plate (8-10 inches) instead of a dinner one (12 inches or more). Using smaller plates can actually make us feel fuller with less food. The brain associates a big white space on the plate with less food and smaller plates generally require smaller portions.


4. Eat Smart.

Start with soup, salad or fresh vegetables and avoid the deep fried options. For your main try and make sure half your plate is vegetables, quarter protein and quarter carbs.


5. Rethink your Drink

While cocktails are synonymous with holidays, they are laden with sugar and empty calories. Go for spirits or wine and make sure that you drink.


6. Get Moving

You will be eating more. Fact. So what better reason to try and incorporate exercise into your day where you can. Go for a 15 or 20 minute power walk on the beach after eating every meal or a swim. 


Now more than ever, is a tough time to stay perfect. And let’s be brutally honest, the chances of you, or me, or ANYONE for that matter staying perfect with their nutrition on holiday is pretty much impossible! That being said, it doesn’t make sense to let one holiday derail your progress and then waits weeks after you have got back to get back on the horse. If you need some extra accountability then we are here to help you with our 4 week online program to get you back on track HERE.


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