I decided to contact  The Nourished Tribe as I had been feeling pretty unhappy with my general nutrition for some time, I was getting stuck with my previous routine, and I felt things were getting nowhere.

Marianna sent me a comprehensive questionnaire which I completed and returned to her at our next appointment.

During my first consultation, I explained my good and bad habits, and the reasons why I felt I needed a change. Marianna listened supportively and got stuck into finding meal combinations and recipes that I liked and suggesting specific supplements that would help me. 

I  put her advice into action immediately and within a couple of days of having a more structured meal routine I honestly started to feel better, my energy levels increased  and I no longer had to reach for that snack to get me to the next meal


She checked in with me by email/text every few weeks to see how I was getting on or if we needed to change anything. 

 I look forward to continuing on health coaching with Marianna and making even more longterm changes!


I'd never followed a 'diet' or 'nutrition' programme before, but when The Nourished Tribe posted the 20 day Festive Sparkle plan I was inspired! I didn't need to lose weight, but I was eating really unhealthily and I have to feed a teenage boy too, so the description of easy and quick recipes that everyone would enjoy really appealed to me. Also, the fact that we had a dedicated FB group to feed back to was great.


Eleanor and Marianna were so encouraging in their messages - if we had a bad food day, it wasn't the end of the world. I'm still using their recipes and my son actually enjoyed dishes I never thought he would! I would thoroughly recommend following one of their programmes if you want to eat more healthily and get into a healthier lifestyle too.


The key for me was being able to compare my existing eating, exercise, sleep and work patterns against what my ideal should be. I wanted to learn how to fuel my body to get the maximum out of my workouts and improve my energy. Eleanor was friendly and engaging and guided me throughout the consultation process. I am very pleased with the results and I gained more than I expected too. I now have a much more informed view of how and what to include in my diet to support my lifestyle choices.




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